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How much time is wasted preparing samples individually? (infographic)

Evaporating sample vials individually, by hand, is an extremely time consuming step in sample preparation. Lab technicians can spend countless hours concentrating their samples by holding a stream of nitrogen over each test tube, one by one - an unfulfilling and monotonous job to say the least. Have you ever wondered how many hours are actually wasted during this process and if there's a more efficient way of completing this step?

The infographic below compares the time it takes to evaporate a batch of twelve 2 mL samples of methanol by hand versus with a heated nitrogen evaporator. This example specifically uses the data for Organomation's 12 position nitrogen blowdown evaporator

Evaporation Rate Infographic

The bottom line is that evaporating individual sample vials by hand wastes A LOT of time. With just this one example, the manual process wastes over 6 and a half hours. Imagine all the tasks you could get done with an additional 6 and a half hours and how much more productive your lab could be. The total time wasted increases exponentially with larger samples (10-20 mL) that each take several hours to evaporate without the application of heat. A heated nitrogen evaporator can evaporate entire batches of these large samples in under an hour. 

Whether you're looking to improve your sample throughput, your time management, or even the job satisfaction of your lab techs, the automation of Organomation's evaporators is designed for you. This blowdown evaporator guide will explain the basic features for each of our concentrators and help you find the one that best suits your needs. 

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