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Laboratory Evaporator Manufacturer Releases New Video Content

August 31, 2022 /


/ Sarah Johnson

Organomation has been a prominent manufacturer of laboratory evaporators and extractors for over 60 years. They are specifically well-known for their nitrogen blowdown evaporators, and continue to be a leading expert in this field. The desire to educate consumers, coupled with the rising demand of video content has led to Organomation producing new videos for their YouTube channel

Whether you are just beginning to learn about the evaporation market or you've already purchased your evaporator or extractor, there is a video made for you. There are step-by-step installation instructions, product demonstrations, and general evaporation information, just to name a few. Organomation's already easy-to-use instruments just got easier. 

Sarah Johnson, one of Organomation's sales technicians stated,

"We strive to create our content in various forms to accommodate the preferences of all our consumers. As video content is becoming increasingly popular among consumers, we hope these newly created videos will make the buyer's journey a bit more enjoyable."

Organomation plans to continue their video production and is excited for future releases. There is even some company related content planned which will give you an insider look at their warehouse and the chance to meet their team members.

Check out Organomation's YouTube channel and keep an eye out for more videos in the near future. If you have any questions about nitrogen evaporation or Organomation's products, please reach out to sales@organomation.com, or call (978) 838-7300.


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