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Organomation Receives Spotlight for Strong Q1 N2 Evaporator Shipments

May 15, 2020 /


/ Organomation

While manufacturers across the state of Massachusetts are adapting to the changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic and are making much needed equipment for those in the healthcare industry, reMAke 4.0 spotlights how the Berlin, MA based laboratory equipment manufacturer, Organomation, is able to stay open during the pandemic:

“As a laboratory equipment manufacturer, Organomation qualifies as an essential business and have been able to stay open during this difficult period. With that said, any work that can be handled remotely (mostly accounting, engineering and sales) is being completed in that manner. Obviously some of their work related to building and shipping instruments requires an onsite presence. GM David Oliva is incredibly proud of how the staff has handled this situation. They were able to grow their unit shipped volume by over 30% compared to Q1 2019 and they plan to keep staffing levels, and hours worked, unchanged during this challenging stretch.”

Organomation remains open to build and ship laboratory equipment. Please contact an Organomation sales technician today for your sample preparation needs.

About reMAke 4.0:
reMAke 4.0 is a non-profit organization that seeks to revolutionize partnership between employers, educators, and workforce boards to re-engineer manufacturing in Massachusetts. The company fuses experience with opportunity; its goal is to forge bold paths for the people and businesses in Massachusetts. Please visit remakema.com for more information.

About Organomation:
Organomation is a leading provider of analytical chemistry sample preparation solutions located in central Massachusetts. The company provides quality hand-built equipment and unparalleled levels of customer service. The foundation of the company stems from the first ever commercially successful nitrogen evaporator invented by founder, Dr. Neal McNiven. Organomation is well known for its lines of nitrogen evaporators, solvent evaporators and solvent extraction instruments. For more information, please visit organomation.com.


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