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Organomation supports local Officer Phil Safety Program

June 26, 2019 /


/ Organomation

BERLIN, MASS (June 26, 2019) – Organomation, a leading nitrogen evaporator solutions provider is proud to sponsor the community relations program, Officer Phil, for a third year in a row, carried out by the Hudson, Mass. Police Department.

The Officer Phil child Safety Program teaches children about the dangers that exist around them, such as stranger danger, the negative effects of bullying, fire safety, internet safety, and respect for authority figures. 

The program reinforces the proper actions to take, if confronted with a problem.

It also encourage positive behavior like honesty, friendship, being a buddy not a bully, civic responsibility and knowing what to do in an emergency.  

“We believe the Officer Phil Child Safety Program is a worthwhile community relationship program,” said president Andrew McNiven.

Children learn these lessons in a fun and informative 30 minute live presentation assembly in their schools.

Hudson Police Chief Michael D. Burks, Sr. writes, “The Hudson Police Department is hopeful that the continued personal contact your child has with our officers will constitute a trustworthy and respectful relationship that will endure throughout the child’s developmental years and extend into his/her adult life.” 

To reinforce what the lessons learned, each child is given an activity book with interactive materials to take home and work on throughout the year. 

“It is our opinion that continuing this type of relationship with the youth of our community is as important as our various other duties,” said Burks. 

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