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Sample Evaporator Manufacturer to Exhibit at Analytica 2022

May 11, 2022 /


/ Sarah Johnson

Organomation is a leading manufacturer of nitrogen blowdown evaporators, with the commitment of developing high-quality and long-lasting sample preparation equipment. Organomation's founder, Dr. Neal McNiven, invented the first multiple sample, high-speed nitrogen evaporator which became the forerunner to many similar devices. Today, the company offers three main nitrogen evaporator product lines (N-EVAP, MULTIVAP, and MICROVAP), all of which meet different evaporation needs. 

The sample evaporator manufacturer is attending Analytica 2022 which is taking place in Munich, Germany from June 21st-24th. Organomation's booth is B1.513 (Hall B1, Booth 513). The exact location of the booth can be seen below.

Analytica 2022 Hall Layout  Analytica 2022 Booth Layout

Organomation will be bringing a few demonstration units which they will have on display at the booth. One of the instruments will be their 24 Position N-EVAP, which is one of their best sellers. This sample concentrator is ideal for evaporating test tubes of varying size and shape due to its unique spring sample holder design. Its adaptability and affordability make the N-EVAP a staple in many laboratories worldwide. 

They will also be bringing one of their MULTIVAP Nitrogen Evaporators as a demo unit. These benchtop evaporators are ideal for large batch concentration of uniform tubes. Dry-block MULTIVAPs come with test tube inserts that are custom drilled to fit your tube size. A set of drilled inserts will also be at the display booth. 

Lastly, Organomation will have one of their NITRO-GEN Nitrogen Generators on display. The generator is lightweight and easy to set up, requiring only a source of compressed air to run. It is designed specifically for sample concentration and can produce up to 99% nitrogen purity, allowing it to be used in a variety of applications. 

Organomation invites everyone to visit their General Manager, David Oliva, at booth B1.513 to take a look at their instruments, get to know the company, and most importantly ask questions! As an industry expert, Organomation is there to listen to your specific needs and recommend the best laboratory evaporator for your application.


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