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Water Quality Testing Aided by Benchtop Evaporator

September 07, 2021 /


/ Connor McLeod

Organomation’s 12 position N-EVAP laboratory evaporator uses nitrogen blowdown to concentrate sample extracts prior to analysis. During evaporation, the user has full control of gas flow to samples, which conserves nitrogen gas. The unit also has a heated water bath to decrease concentration times.

C-HAWQ understands the importance of research on the aquaculture as it pertains to its sustainability. Shifts in climate change and population effect the aquaculture. They are working to examine the water quality as it pertains to product safety. This is an ongoing project that started in 2016 and will be continued for the safety of the aquaculture.

Their lab makes use of a mass spectrometer from Thermo Fisher Scientific to conduct non-targeted screening of pollutants. “These experiments will examine environmental contaminants that pose the greatest threat to organismal, ecosystem, and human health, rather than a random, predetermined set of contaminants that may or may not be present in the environments we are studying.” In order to do this testing, sample preparation is required. C-HAWQ lab uses Organomation’s nitrogen blowdown evaporator to complete this process. Sample prep for mass spec is the process in which the sample gets concentrated down to a smaller volume. Our N-EVAP does this through the application of nitrogen gas in a heated bath. Organomation’s N-EVAP is a dependable sample prep tool used in labs around the world.

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