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Concentrating PFAS samples ahead of LC-MS

February 13, 2024 /

Case Studies, PFAS

/ Sarah Johnson

As one of the world's most well-known analytical labs and LC-MS manufacturers, Waters Corporation knows just how important proper sample preparation is for accurate test results. That's why they trust Organomation's N-EVAP sample concentrators to prepare their PFAS samples prior to LC-MS analysis. 

"...simple, straightforward evaporation that is easy to monitor and control."

Waters was gracious enough to let us visit their headquarters in Milford, MA where they keep their benchtop evaporators. We met with one of their Principal Scientists, Kari Organtini, who is very involved in the PFAS testing and analysis procedures. 

Kari is involved in testing PFAS levels of drinking water, food, soils, ground water, surface water and wastewater. One of her main roles is to develop application notes for their most-used testing methods, which include EPA 1633, 537.1, 533, ASTM 8421, ASTM 7968 and standard SPE - most of which require the use of the sample concentrator. Because of the evaporator's unique sample holder, Kari and her team are able to dry down both their 15 and 50 mL centrifuge tubes in the same unit, and are able to monitor the solvent level throughout the process. 

"I prefer to use the N-EVAP system for sample dry down steps in PFAS analysis as it provides a simple, straightforward evaporation that is easy to monitor and control."

Waters 11155-NTThe company acquired the Teflon-free version of the N-EVAP system, which is specifically designed to prepare PFAS samples without the risk of contamination for a safer, more reliable experience.

"I also appreciate the N-EVAP as a system that, in our laboratory, does not introduce additional PFAS contamination to our samples."

Known as the gold standard of routine PFAS testing, Waters' LC-MS/MS systems continue to work in conjunction with Organomation's blowdown concentrators. Together, they provide a uniquely dependable workflow that analytical and environmental laboratories can rely on for accurate sample testing. 

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See how other labs are currently using Organomation's sample dryers for PFAS testing. To determine the best instrument for your needs, reach out to our sample preparation experts today.

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