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Customer focus & solvent evaporation expertise drive Organomation

December 02, 2022 /

Our History

/ David Oliva

For over sixty years, Organomation has evolved in noteworthy ways such as increasing the number of sample preparation instrument offerings and entering into new international markets. However, the family business remains as dedicated as ever to the two pillars which are fundamental to the operation's success.

One of those ethos is our dedication to the customer - when and how the business can serve them. When a lab technician calls Organomation, customer service representatives are dedicated to answering that call live, with no extensive phone trees providing a maze of options before connecting to a real person. The goal is to provide exemplary customer service by devoting as much time as is required to assist that customer, on demand. While this has been the standard for decades, a recently installed on demand channel is the chat tool on Organomation.com which is staffed by a live agent during hours of operation. As a company which provides laboratory solutions worldwide, email is a channel which is commonly used by end-users and distributors to contact Organomation representatives 24/7. The mandate is to respond to these inquiries as quickly as possible, is not within the same business day, then within 24 hours. 

The company was founded when Dr. Neal McNiven, a chemist at the Worcester Foundation for Experimental Biology, with an engineering background, invented the first commercially successful nitrogen evaporator. To this day, Organomation has continued Dr. McNiven's legacy by continuing to improve how nitrogen blow down can be utilized for sample preparation. Outside of the creation of new product lines, such as units which prepare large batches of sample vials, Dr. McNiven would be thrilled with the amount of custom evaporation solutions we provide our laboratories. 

One of our favored custom solutions is the reduced height N-EVAP evaporator. With benchtop and fume hood space at high demand in essentially all laboratories, many of our customers have limited capacities to fit their nitrogen concentrator. To accommodate these space constraints, Organomation offers shortened N-EVAP units which can be reduced in height up to nearly 25%. With slight design modifications, our custom height units maintain the flexibility and ease of use that our standard N-EVAPs have, while meeting specific footprint requirements.
Custom Test Tube Rack

Most recently, Organomation has created custom test tube racks which serve as a block alternative for the unheated MICROVAP evaporator line. Designed to improve the visibility of tubes during evaporation, the racks allow the user to be able to see the amount of solvent left to be concentrated. This leads to a safer and more controlled operation, while also providing the end-user with a more gratifying evaporation experience. 

With collaboration between our sales, engineering, and production teams, Organomation is dedicated to creating unique solutions tailored to your specific needs. By combining extensive evaporation expertise and putting the customer at the center of everything we do, Organomation is truly a partner in sample preparation. 


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