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When Nitrogen Blowdown is Preferable Over Centrifugal Evaporation

 SpeedVacs, CentriVaps and other vacuum concentrators are common tools for sample evaporation. In summary, solvents are evaporated at lower temperatures due to the application of vacuum. As pressure..

The Main Culprit of Laboratory Downtime: Sample Preparation

January 11, 2024 / David Oliva

 The November 2023 edition of Lab Manager included an insightful article titled "Looking Beyond Routine Equipment Maintenance." The piece featured some thought-provoking data from a survey..

PFAS Survey: Sample Prep & Drinking Water Analysis Are Top of Mind

January 09, 2024 /

Environmental, PFAS

/ David Oliva

 Ahead of Organomation's participation at the upcoming Science of PFAS event, we wanted to focus on some of the latest discussions related to per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances. 

Why the 24 Position N-EVAP is the Best-Selling Nitrogen Evaporation Tool

December 28, 2023 / David Oliva

 Historically, the 24 position N-EVAP nitrogen evaporator has been Organomation's best-selling sample concentrator. Designed with flexibility as a priority, researchers have emphasized three main..

Proper Smart Sample Concentration Aides UK Lab of Mass Spectrometer Manufacturer

December 11, 2023 /

Case Studies

/ David Oliva

 It is no secret that laboratory instrumentation, especially when the cost is in the six or even seven figures, needs to be properly vetted by a team of employees. When adopting a new method, or..

When the TurboVap is not large enough

November 28, 2023 /

Solvent Removal Challenges

/ David Oliva

 Managers of analytical laboratories are faced with many unique challenges as they aim to grow their business. Whole publications and websites such as Lab Manager are dedicated to providing advice on..

Effects of Solvents Used During Sample Preparation

November 22, 2023 /


/ David Oliva

According to recent survey data from LC-GC Magazine, nearly 90% of respondents were concerned with the effects of solvent in the areas of health, safety, and the environment. Given the audience of..

Evaporation to Dryness Ahead of Thin Layer Chromatography

November 09, 2023 /

Case Studies, Environmental

/ David Oliva

TLC, or Thin Layer Chromatography, is growing in popularity due to its ability to discover the purity of various compounds within a mixture.

An Appreciation for Academic Core Labs

October 26, 2023 /

Case Studies, Academic

/ David Oliva

 One of my favorite parts of touring college laboratories is that each work group is focused on a unique project. (Mostly) every college lab I visit is completing research in a different area...

Concentrating on Sample Preparation Challenges

September 28, 2023 /

Solvent Removal Challenges

/ David Oliva

One of the benefits Organomation derives from being a family business is that several individuals in the ownership and management ranks have grown up in the business. Similarly, the company also has..