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Organomation Doubles the Warranty Length for Popular Evaporator Models

July 11, 2014 /

News, Product Information

/ David Oliva

Berlin, MA, July 11, 2014 – Earlier this year, Organomation proudly lengthened the standard warranty for some of its most popular nitrogen evaporators from one to two years. Since 1959, laboratory..

Organomation Upgrades Sample Holder in Popular Lab Evaporator

June 10, 2014 /

News, Product Information

/ David Oliva

Berlin, MA, June 10, 2014 – Organomation is happy to announce that the sample holders used in the company's popular N-EVAP product line have been upgraded.  The company stands behind the quality of..

Organomation Releases N2 Generator Accessory for Blowdown Evaporators

Organomation presents one of their most advanced accessories to date, a newly revamped Nitrogen Generator.  This compact unit will provide laboratory technicians with their own source of nitrogen..