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What is Nitrogen Blowdown Evaporation?

When Nitrogen Blowdown is Preferable Over Centrifugal Evaporation

 SpeedVacs, CentriVaps and other vacuum concentrators are common tools for sample evaporation. In summary, solvents are evaporated at lower temperatures due to the application of vacuum. As pressure..

How Customized Sample Prep Can Be Advantageous

Since the invention of the N-EVAP, the first and best-selling sample concentrator for test tubes, Organomation has been widely known as a nitrogen blowdown workstation manufacturer. One of the..

Utilizing the N-EVAP as a Parallel Evaporator

The N-EVAP nitrogen evaporator, the company’s most popular product line, has been an effective tool for removing excess solvent from samples in virtually every known laboratory specialization. The..

High Capacity Evaporators Optimize Sample Throughput

 Why a MULTIVAP is better than an N-EVAP for batch evaporation

Versatile Nitrogen Dryer for Test Tube & Microplate Evaporation

Many analytical and research laboratories work on a variety of projects, each one requiring their own procedures, supplies, and instrumentation. Having to purchase unique equipment for each procedure..

Reduced Height Nitrogen Concentrator for Low Fume Hood

At Organomation, we pride ourselves on our evaporation expertise and ever-growing ingenuity to create custom solutions for even the most unique consumer needs. With a wide variety of custom..

The differences between Organomation's blowdown evaporators

Organomation is a manufacturer of laboratory evaporators, with a focus on nitrogen blowdown technology. We have three main blowdown product lines - the N-EVAP, the MICROVAP, and the MULTIVAP. Each..

How to Protect Your Laboratory Concentrator From Corrosive Solvents

There are various safety procedures in place to ensure the protection of lab technicians when working with corrosive solvents - wearing proper PPE, establishing secure storage and labelling..

Affordable Microtiter Evaporation: Prepare 3 Microplates at Once

Concentrating low-volume samples in shallow or deep well microplates is a common sample preparation technique used within a large scope of production labs - environmental, academic, toxicology,..