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Reduced Height Nitrogen Concentrator for Low Fume Hood

At Organomation, we pride ourselves on our evaporation expertise and ever-growing ingenuity to create custom solutions for even the most unique consumer needs. With a wide variety of custom instruments available, along with the option of collaborating with our team to create your own, you're certain to find one that will meet your requirements. 

One of our most favored solutions is the custom height N-EVAP nitrogen evaporator which is designed for customers with space constraints. Due to the fact that our nitrogen concentrators are designed to be used within a fume hood, sash height restrictions tend to be of common concern. The standard height of an N-EVAP evaporator is 33 inches tall. If your lab is unable to accommodate this height, a custom shortened unit is the perfect solution. The amount which we are able to shorten your unit by will depend on two factors: the height of the test tubes you will be using and which standard N-EVAP features you would like to retain. 

Below is a starting guide to the modification limits.

  • If you will be using test tubes up to 120 mm tall, the height of the unit can be reduced by a maximum of 4 inches. All standard N-EVAP features will be retained with this height reduction. 
  • If you will be using test tubes up to 70 mm tall, the height of the unit can be reduced by a maximum of 4-6 inches. Depending on your specific application, the N-EVAP may be provided with 2" plastic-hub needles instead of the standard 4" stainless steel needles. 
  • If you will be using test tubes up to 40 mm tall, the height of the unit can be reduced by a maximum of 6-8 inches. The N-EVAP may be provided with 2" needles, shortened valve tube assemblies, and/or a manual hoist depending on the required height. 

We are committed to providing personalized solutions that are tailored specifically for you. If you are interested in receiving a quote for this reduced height nitrogen concentrator, you can visit our custom solutions page or email us at sales@organomation.com. When requesting a quote, please provide the dimensions of your available space, as well as the height of your test tubes. 

Don't see the modification that you need on our custom solutions page? Contact our sales team who will be happy to evaluate your needs and collaborate with our engineering & production teams to create an individualized product, designed just for you. 


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