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Is generating nitrogen in my lab worthwhile?

 It seems like more and more production labs have transitioned from purchasing nitrogen tanks to generating their own high quality nitrogen in-house. If you're in a lab that hasn't jumped on the..

Where Rotary Evaporators Fall Short of Nitrogen Blowdown

When visiting a laboratory to learn more about their research and required sample preparation, I typically ask, “if you were not using nitrogen to blow down your samples, how would you remove excess..

American Manufacturer to Exhibit Sample Dryer at HPLC 2023

June 07, 2023 /


/ Sarah Johnson

 The popular sample preparation equipment provider, Organomation, will be exhibiting at HPLC 2023 in Duesseldorf, Germany. They will be located at booth H2 from June 18-22, 2023.

Environmental Sample Preparation in California Laboratories

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Why Nitrogen is Ideal for Drying Samples

Blowdown evaporation is a common sample preparation step used by analytical laboratories to dry down or concentrate their test samples. Dry gas is continuously blown onto the sample's surface,..

Introducing New Nitrogen Gas Generator for LC-MS

Organomation is proud to announce their newest product offering: the NITRO-GEN+ Nitrogen Generator. This self contained generator is designed to meet the nitrogen needs of LC-MS analyzers, by..

Centrifuge Supplanted by Faster Nitrogen Blow Down

May 01, 2023 /

Case Studies

/ David Oliva

Ivy League School Improves Metabolite Analysis Workflow by Installing Organomation Evaporators

Stainless Steel Needles vs. Glass Pipettes for Nitrogen Evaporation

April 18, 2023 /

Product Information

/ Sarah Johnson

Stainless steel needles and glass pipettes - they're both used on Organomation's parallel evaporators to deliver nitrogen gas onto the sample's surface. If they both serve the same function, you may..

Proteomics Lab Uses Nitrogen Purge System to Purge O2 from Solution

 The Trinkle Lab, founded by Dr. Laura Trinkle-Mulcahy, is a proteomics lab located in Ottawa, Canada that is focused on harnessing therapeutic strategies of targeted phosphatase activity. Protein..

High-Capacity Nitrogen Evaporator Prepares Samples Ahead of GC-MS

April 06, 2023 /

Case Studies

/ David Oliva

One of the most common ways Organomation dryers are used is to prepare samples ahead of GC-MS. A driving factor behind our desire to produce the best sample preparation instrumentation is to aide..