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The differences between Organomation's blowdown evaporators

Organomation is a manufacturer of laboratory evaporators, with a focus on nitrogen blowdown technology. We have three main blowdown product lines - the N-EVAP, the MICROVAP, and the MULTIVAP. Each..

How to Protect Your Laboratory Concentrator From Corrosive Solvents

There are various safety procedures in place to ensure the protection of lab technicians when working with corrosive solvents - wearing proper PPE, establishing secure storage and labelling..

How to Safely Evaporate Explosive Solvents in a Nitrogen Dryer

August 23, 2022 /

Product Information

/ Sarah Johnson

Organomation strives to create long-lasting sample preparation equipment, with safety and reliability as the top priorities. Many users of their evaporators work with highly flammable solvents such..

Types of Laboratory Evaporators

February 09, 2022 /

Product Information

/ Sarah Johnson

Laboratory evaporation is used to separate either a solid or liquid solute from a prepared sample for analysis by converting the sample's solvent into a vapor. Laboratory evaporators use a variety of..

Refurbished Nitrogen Evaporator Inventory: Q1 2022

January 31, 2022 /

News, Product Information

/ Sarah Johnson

Our refurbished nitrogen evaporators provide customers with a savings of up to 50% compared to the purchase of a new instrument. Each of the following instruments have been restored to full working..

Organomation Publishes Solvent Compatibility Table for Evaporators

December 28, 2021 /

Product Information

/ Sarah Johnson

Organomation's nitrogen evaporators come in a variety of different models to accommodate all customer applications. There are four option codes to reflect these different models, which are available..

Rules for Effective Nitrogen Blowdown Evaporation

August 23, 2021 /

Product Information

/ Amy Valladares

Effective nitrogen blowdown evaporation balances gas flow and heat to remove solvent quickly without degrading delicate samples. Here are some tips to optimize your blowdown evaporation.

Rule #1:..

When is it Time to Replace Your Nitrogen Dryer?

August 09, 2021 /

Product Information

/ Connor McLeod

Organomation manufactures nitrogen dryers that are built to last! Our time-tested instruments can last in any laboratory for many years. We manufacture our instruments with high quality parts from..

Reasons Why Test Tube Evaporators Belong in Any Environmental Lab

Environmental laboratories work with applications that each require different types of testing. This can make it hard to find the proper instruments to meet their specific needs. At Organomation,..

Water or dry bath for your nitrogen blowdown evaporator?

One of the most common questions we receive from customers is, “what is the difference between water and dry bath N-EVAPs”? There are a few key differences in the design, maintenance, temperature..